FX Pool Renovation - Safety First


What Lies Beneath and Safety First!

In our last article we’ve started telling you all about the fabulous improvements you will be able to see when our pool opens this summer.  Perhaps equally or more importantly, are changes that you will not see.  Safety for our patrons and staff has always been our #1 priority at Fox Hunt. 

Invisible but under our new concrete deck, will be new conduit for the in-pool light electrical wiring. For unknown reasons, our otherwise very solid and well-built pool in 1973 did not have gravel installed under the concrete deck.  This caused the electrical conduit to sit in mud or constant moisture, corroding the steel conduit and even causing some holes in it.  The conduit is new PVC with a 70-year service life. In it, all new wiring, fully grounded, and bonded to code as described in detail below.

Also invisible is our all new and comprehensive electrical equipotential bonding system, fully inspected and compliant with Fairfax County and National Electrical Code.  Steel mesh under the new concrete deck, and every metal object within 5 feet of the water’s edge or in the water (lights, railings, ladders) is now linked together in a bonded “loop” connected by heavy copper wire so that any electrical charge that may exist – naturally in the ground, or from powered equipment will notfind a path of least resistance and cause a safety issue.  Most pools don’t have these improvements and are grandfathered to the prior outdated electrical codes – Fox Hunt is fully updated, compliant and safe for all our patrons!

We are most certainly looking forward to a fun and SAFE swim season!

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