We are preparing for another great summer at Fox Hunt and hope that you will join us! We are offering all prospective members the choice of becoming Associate members or Permanent members. Permanent members have full access to all of the pool’s facilities and programs, receive discounts for swim team, have voting rights in General Membership meetings and are bonded owners in the pool.

Associate members have full access to all of the pool’s facilities and programs, just as Permanent members do, but Associate members do not have voting rights and are not bonded owners in the pool. The option to become a Permanent members is always available until we fill our open Permanent slots. Once we reach the number of total members permitted by our Fairfax County operating license we cannot accept additional members.

Fox Hunt has some amazing discounts this year. New Permanent Members will only have to pay $225 in dues and a $590 bond this year (almost 50% off!). This is your chance to become a Fox Hunt bond holder and keep benefitting from permanent membership discounts for years to come

We ask for help in running and maintaining the pool. Please remember that we are a non-profit club run for and by its members. In order to provide facilities and activities for the club members and keep dues at a reasonable rate, we depend on volunteers to do some maintenance and help organize events. All members are asked to indicate a committee on which they can volunteer some time. Lack of volunteers results in fewer activities and increased maintenance costs, requiring higher dues. So please volunteer for a committee.

Membership Oppportunities


Permanent membership offers the lowest annual dues rate, discounted swim team fees along with full club voting privileges and bonded ownership in the pool. 


Associate members have full access to all of the pool’s facilities and programs but has no bonded ownership in the pool.


The Couples or Double membership is perfect for: 

  • Couples whose kids are no longer at home and therefore enjoying the pool less often.

  • Single parent or for a household where only 2 people use the pool.

  • Grandparents who want to maintain their membership for when the grandkids come to visit.

  • Two Adults who enjoy the club environment.


Tennis Only Membership
Tennis memberships entitle an individual to year-round access to the tennis courts, with no pool access, for just $100/season.

Nanny/Au-Pair Membership
Members may purchase a membership for a live-in nanny or Au-pair for a one-time fee of $80/season.

Guest Passes
Guest passes are bought individually or, for a discount, in books of 5 or 10. Please note that is your responsibility to control the use of your passes. The pool management company is not responsible for how these passes are administered.


Late Fee
Late applies if paid after March 5th for Returning Permanent Members or April 5 for Returning Associate Members.  New members are always exempt from late fees.

Maintenance Fee
Returning Permanent & Associate members are required to pay a maintenance.   This fee is refunded if you volunteer at one of the Spring Clean-Up Days.

Inactive Permanent Membership
Requests for Inactive status are due by March 5th, and must be submitted annually. 

2019 Permanent Member Rates

Membership TypeMember Dues (Due by Mar. 5)Late Fee (After Mar. 5)One-Time BondMaintenance Fee
New Household$225$0$590$0
New Couple/Double$225$0$590$0
New Single$225$0$590$0
Returning Household$445$50$0$80
Returning Couple/Double$300$30$0$80
Returning Single$245$25$0$80

2019 Associate Member Rates

Membership TypeMember Dues (Due by Apr. 5)Late Fee (After Apr. 5)Maintenance Fee
New Household---
New Couple/Double---
New Single---
Returning Household$550$50$80
Returning Couple/Double$375$30$80
Returning Single$300$25$80

Additional Member Opportunities & Fees

August Only$175
Tennis Only Membership$100
Nanny AuPair (Live-in)$80
Guest Pass (Single)$5
Guest Passes (Book of 5)$20
Guest Passes (Book of 10)$35

* “Double” is defined as two (2) persons that reside (own or rent) in the membership area where one (1) is 21 years or older. A family that consists of two adults and one child under the age of 12 months at the start of the pool season may join as a double member. The privileges of membership only apply to the two members specified on the application.