To ensure safe and sanitary operation of pool facilities and to provide enjoyable recreation for all members and their guests, the following rules and regulations have been established for the benefit and protection of all users of the Fox Hunt Swim Club, Inc.  Members are requested to cooperate in observing these rules. Parents are requested to caution their children to observe the rules and to obey the instructions of the Pool Manager and Lifeguards. All persons using the Fox Hunt Swim Club’s property do so at their own risk.


1.   Pool Management and Control

a.    The Pool Manager, or in his/her absence, the Assistant Manager, is in complete charge of the pool. As the agent of the Board of Directors, he/she will operate the swimming pool and will supervise all personnel. He/she is responsible for enforcing these rules in the pool and pool area. The Pool Manager is authorized to make on-the-spot decisions in all matters affecting health and safety and may eject from the club premises, for a period not to exceed forty-eight hours, any persons failing to observe these rules or otherwise improperly conducting themselves to the detriment of Pool and Tennis Club safety or appropriate operations. Periods greater than forty-eight hours require Board of Directors approval. Serious or repeated offenses will be reported to the Board of Directors for considerations of further appropriate action.

b.   Comments or complaints about the operation of the pool should be referred to the Pool Manager or the Chairman of the Operations Committee.

2.    Hours of Operation

a.    General Swimming    Daily: 11:00 AM - 9:00PM.


(1)    While school is in session, the pool will close at 8:00 p.m. on evenings immediately preceding school days. On school days, the hours of operation will be 3:00 PM - 8:00PM on Monday and Wednesday, and 1:00PM - 8:00PM on Thursday and Friday (when adequate staffing permits earlier opening).

(2)    While school is in session, certain lanes will be reserved for swim team practice. The remaining areas of the pool will be available for general use.

(3)    Special events may result in the pool being open or closed at times other than indicated above.


b.   Swim Team Practice    Monday-Friday as announced.

c.    Swimming Lessons    Monday-Friday as announced.

d.   Swim Meets - The pool will be used for scheduled swim meets. Scheduled dates and times for meets will be posted at the pool. Normally “A” Swim Team Meets will be held on Saturdays from 8:00 AM to 12:00 Noon. Developmental Swim Meets are generally held on Monday evenings from 6:00 PM until closing. The pool will be closed for general swimming during meets, as well as prior to and following meets while the pool is being set up. Occasionally there are exceptions to these days and hours.

e.    The pool will be closed when necessary for maintenance operations. At such times, no one is permitted within the pool enclosure except authorized personnel.

f.    Pool closings, otherwise, will be for special events or functions authorized by the Board of Directors, with due notice to the membership.

g.   The pool may be closed in case of inclement weather, i.e., rain, thunder, lightning, etc., or if in the opinion of the Manager or Assistant Manager a hazardous condition exists.

h.   Persons entering the pool area other than during designated hours of operation, unless specifically authorized by a member of the Board of Directors, shall be considered trespassers and subject to civil liability and criminal prosecution.

3.    Pool Admissions.

All members in good standing are authorized use of the pool facilities.

a.    Definitions.

(1)    Member: The term “member” as used herein includes both permanent and associate members.

(2)    Guests: Bona fide guests fall into one of two categories:

(a)    House Guest: A person who is temporarily residing with a club member.

(b)    Casual Guest: A person who is not a regular or associate member who is invited for one day.

(3)    Adult Guest: Any guest 18 years old or older.

b.    General Guest Restrictions.

(1)    Guest privileges shall consist of admission to and use of the club facilities by any authorized person who is not a club member. A member assumes full responsibility for the conduct of and/or damage by his guest(s) and must be present at the club with their guests unless specifically noted herein.

(2)    Non-swimming guests in street clothes may not enter the pool enclosure without charge except at the discretion of the Pool Manager.

(3)    Guests are subject to the same rules and regulations as members.

(4)    Members who violate or are an accessory to violation of the rules pertaining to the admittance of guests may have their rights and privileges of membership suspended for a period recommended to the Board of Directors by the Membership Chairman.

(5)    Members desiring to bring more than three guests at any one time must notify the Pool Manager at least 72 hours in advance. Exceptions to this may be granted at the discretion of the Pool Manager.

(6)    The Membership Chairman or the Pool Manager may, at their discretion, restrict or suspend all guest privileges as required to alleviate overcrowding of the pool.

(7)    Guest passes are valid for the season of issue only.

c.    House Guests.

(1)    Members may request, in writing, that a pool guest pass be authorized for house guests for the duration of their visits.

(2)    With the guest pass, the house guests will not need to be accompanied by the sponsor member.

(3)    At the sponsor’s discretion, the house guest may use either one of the member’s purchased guest passes or pay the appropriate guest fee as posted in the pool office.

d.   Casual Guests.

(1)    Casual guests must be accompanied by a member who is age 13 or older. An ex-spouse of a member may be a guest when accompanied by a child under 13.

(2)    The accompanying member will register casual guests at the time of entry. Applicable fees must be paid before guests will be permitted to enter.

(3)    Casual guests may remain in the pool area only as long as the accompanying member remains. (4)    Casual guest fees will be published on the website and in the annual newsletter.

e.    Nurses, Baby-sitters, Governess.

(1)    Persons hired by a member to care for a member’s children are classified in one of the following categories:

(a)    Regular Sitter: A person hired by a member on a permanent basis to care for the member’s children, either full time or on a frequent basis.

(b)    Casual Sitter: A person hired by a member to care for the member’s children on an infrequent or intermittent basis.

(2)    No person under age 13 may be classified as a sitter.

(3)    Members who have a regular sitter may arrange to have the sitter included on the family membership record for a one-time fee (“Nanny” fee), the amount of which will be published on the website and in the annual newsletter. The sitter will then be authorized to use the pool facilities when in the company of the member’s children. The sitter will not be authorized to use pool facilities alone.

(4)    A casual sitter who is not a member of the pool must pay the daily rate for a casual guest.

(5)    The member is fully responsible for all acts of the sitter and for the sitter’s failure to discharge any duties.

(6)    A member may purchase a “Nanny” fee for an ex-spouse.

f.    Pool entrance.

(1)    All members age 5 and up must present their picture ID card to the office duty lifeguard (or be signed in by an accompanying adult/sitter) before entering the pool.

(2)    All members age 5 and above require a picture Identification (ID) Card issued by the club for admission to the pool.

(a)     ID cards are issued to all members each year when appropriate dues are paid.

(b)    Lost ID cards will be replaced for a nominal fee. ID cards can also be replaced at the request of the member for the same fee. ID cards will be reissued each year.

(c)    If the Board of Directors authorizes club swimmers reciprocal use of a neighboring pool due to swim meets, the only means of entry will be with a valid Fox Hunt Swim and Tennis Club picture ID card.

(d)    Member shall not copy, give, lend, share, or in any way let another person use their assigned picture ID card.

(e)    Violation of the pool member agreements may result in the revoking of the card by Club Board of Directors

(3)    Members can temporarily be admitted to the pool without their picture ID card by presenting any form of picture ID and having pool personnel verify their membership (using a pool membership listing). Other family members or children without picture IDs will be admitted when accompanied by a parent or guardian with valid membership card and the child or family member is listed on the family membership form.

4.    Lessons

Group swimming lessons may be offered at a cost to be determined by the pool management company.  Private swimming lessons are available on an individual basis. See the Pool Manager for further details.



1.    The Pool Manager shall have final and conclusive authority to enforce all matters relating to health and safety rules.  He/She may eject from the Fox Hunt Swim Club, Inc. premises, for a period not to exceed forty-eight hours, anyone failing to observe health and safety rules or who are otherwise improperly conducting themselves.  Repeated offenses will be reported to the Board of Directors for consideration of further action as deemed appropriate.


3.    Parents are cautioned not to permit their children to become over-fatigued or chilled. The pool manager or lifeguards may direct any person to take a rest period, if excessive fatigue or chill is observed. As a safety precaution, children of age 15 and under are required to leave the pool and take a 15-minute rest period each hour, at 15 minutes of the hour, upon signal of the lifeguard. The time for the 15-minute rest period will not begin until all children age 15 and under have cleared the pool.

4.    To insure maximum attention to pool safety by lifeguards, members are requested not to converse with lifeguards who are on duty in the chair or on the concrete deck.

5.    All swimmers must take a shower before entering the pool.

6.    Admission to the pool will be refused to persons wearing bandages or with sores, infectious diseases, nasal or ear discharge, or excessive sunburn.



1.    No children under 8 years of age will be admitted to the pool area unless accompanied by either an adult or by a sitter who is age 13 or older, is a qualified swimmer, and has been designated in writing by the parent.

2.    Any child under 8 years of age who has not passed the basic swimming test requirement shown in Rule #3 below, shall be supervised by an adult or the designated sitter while in the water.

3.    Children age 8 through 12 may swim alone, provided:

a.    They are able to pass the basic swimming test: 

(1)  Swim one length of the pool.

(2) Float for one minute or tread water for one minute.

b.   They have their parent’s written, signed permission statement on file with the Pool Manager, stating that they may come to the pool alone.

c.    If the above conditions are not met, a child must be accompanied by either an adult or a sitter who is age 13 or older, is a qualified swimmer, and has been designated in writing by the parent as a sitter.

4.    Children age 6 and older are not permitted to use the wading pool.

5.    Children in the wading pool are the sole responsibility of parents or sitters. All children in the wading pool shall be closely supervised.    




a.    Diver must demonstrate to the guard, at the guard’s discretion, that they can swim across the dive well in order to use the diving board.

b.    Only one bounce is allowed before a jump or dive.

c.    No running on the diving board.

d.    No horseplay or shoving is permitted on or near the diving boards or slide.  Divers may not throw or catch balls or other objects while using the diving boards.

e.    Only one person may be on a diving board, slide or steps at one time.  When swimmer jumps or dives off the board, the next swimmer may proceed onto diving board steps.

f.    Swim out of the diving area immediately after surfacing and exit only from the nearest ladder on the side of the diving well.

g.    Divers ensure the water area is clear prior to diving or jumping into the pool.

h.    Dive or jump only from the end of the board. Do not dive or jump to the side of the pool.

i.    Dives or jumps that propel the diver toward the board and backwards dives are prohibited.

j.    Do not dive or slide until the previous person has cleared the area below.

k.    No belly-first down the slide - must go down, sitting down feet first.

l.    No swimmers in diving area when boards are in use.  Swimmers stay out of lined area at bottom of slide.

m.  The sides of the deck of the diving well shall remain clear so swimmers and lifeguards have adequate space to walk from the ladders to the diving board.  Chairs surrounding the diving well shall remain against the fence.  Any spectators on the deck watching divers shall remain at least 3 feet back from the edge of the diving well.



a.    Basketballs may only be shot at the basket from within the pool.  

b.    No dribbling or playing basketball on deck at any time.  No jumping and dunking the ball from the deck.

c.    Hanging on the rim is not permitted




1.    Private Parties During Regular Pool Hours

a.    All private parties must be coordinated with the pool manager and have the approval of the Social Chairman. Private parties requesting a particular date and time must be coordinated with and be approved by the Social Chairman. A Private Party form must be completed prior to scheduling the Party. Party scheduling is on a first come basis.

b.    All parties must comply with policies and procedures contained herein.

c.    Total party size may not exceed 50 persons.

d.    All private parties must be sponsored by a Fox Hunt Swim Club principle adult member, who will also be in attendance.  Exceptions must be approved by the Board.

e.    A fee of $3.00 per person is the charge for all non-member guests.  There is no difference between swimming and non-swimming guests.

f.    For children under age 13 there must be at least 1 adult chaperone for each 4 children.

g.    Consumption of alcoholic beverages is not permitted unless approved by the board.

h.    The Fox Hunt Swim and Tennis Club gas grill is available for private parties within the pool area. The grill must be cleaned after use.

i.    The designated party area shall be clearly identified by the Pool Manager at the beginning of the day with the reserved time clearly stated so as to minimize inconvenience to other Fox Hunt Swim Club members using the pool.

j.    The party sponsor is responsible for cleanup. Party cleanup includes picking up trash and placing it in the dumpster, and leaving the party area in the condition in which it was prior to the party. The Pool Manager or Guards are NOT responsible for set up or clean up of the party.

k.    The party sponsor is responsible for the conduct of the party goers, ensuring that all Fox Hunt Swim and Tennis Club rules are followed. Failure to maintain an orderly party may require cancellation of the party.


2.    After Hours Private Parties

All rules of Section A apply with the following exceptions and revisions:

a.   Parties must be sponsored by a permanent pool member (bond holder) who must attend the party.

b.   At least one board member must be present at the party.

c.   Party size shall be limited to 200 people.

d.   Consumption of alcoholic beverages is permitted by persons of legal drinking age.

e.   Sponsoring member is responsible to pay overtime charges for pool manager and guards.

f.   Party must end by 11:30 PM and cleanup completed by 12:00 midnight.

g.   Total of private and pool-sponsored after hours parties is limited to five (5) per year. Parties must be requested at least two weeks in advance, must be approved by the social committee chairman, and will be considered on a first come basis.



1.    Floating equipment, including life preservers of all types, rafts, swim masks, swim fins, snorkels, and kickboards are prohibited in the pool area except when permission is granted by the Pool Manager. Tubes, beach balls and similar items may be used at the Pool Manager’s discretion based on the number of people using the pool. Small children may wear floats and similar arm devices when a parent or approved sitter is in the water directly supervising the child. Children wearing floats, etc., are not allowed to go off the diving boards.  Swimming goggles may be worn at any time. Ball playing out of the water is prohibited during break.

2.    Children age 15 and under must be completely out of the water and if seated, are at least 3 feet away from the pool edge during breaks.

3.    No squirt guns or water throwing with buckets or cups are allowed in the fenced pool area or clubhouse area.

4.    Swimmers may not dive or jump over the swim lap lane from the deck at the shallow end of the pool.

5.    The lap lane is reserved for lap swimmers at all times, other swimmers may not cut through the lap lane.

6.    No pets shall be allowed within the fenced pool area.

7.    Articles of street clothing are not allowed in the pool as swimming attire.  Street shoes are not permitted on the concrete deck adjacent to the main pool. Persons returning to the concrete area from the grass will wash their feet before re-entering the pool.

8.    No glass containers of any kind are allowed in the pool area.

9.    Articles of food, including candy and soft drinks are allowed only in the designated areas.

10.    Individuals are responsible for cleaning up after their party or group when departing the pool. Please place trash in the containers provided.

11.    No alcoholic beverages are permitted anywhere on the Club premises, including the parking area, except when approved by the Board of Directors in connection with adult social activities.

12.    All bicycle riders will use the area designated for parking of bicycles.

13.    The cost of any pool property damaged shall be charged to the member responsible. If a guest is responsible, damage costs shall be charged to the host member sponsoring the guest.

14.    No chewing gum is allowed in the pool area.

15.    Smoking is permitted only in designated smoking areas as defined by the Fox Hunt Board of Directors. These areas will be outside the main pool area. Smoking is prohibited inside all Fox Hunt buildings, on the wood deck, in the fenced wooded area, and on the tennis courts. Smoking materials (cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco) are to be extinguished in appropriate containers provided for this purpose. These containers will be placed only in the designated smoking areas.

16.    No horseplay, running or shoving, etc., is permitted within the fenced pool area.

17.    Significant changes to these rules will be disseminated to all members.

18.    Fox Hunt Swim Club is a family club and prohibits generally unacceptable behavior such as, but not limited to:  foul or abusive language, intimidation or disrespect of others, failure to respond to the instruction of guards, Pool Manager or Board member.

19.    These pool rules and regulations may be revised at any time by the Board of Directors.

20.    At the discretion of the Pool Manager, a lifeguard, or the Board of Directors, additional rules and standards of conduct not specifically enumerated herein may be enforced to ensure the safety and enjoyment of members and their guests.