FX Pool Renovation 2019


It’s an FX make-over. goodbye old and hello new!

Have you heard? We are currently renovating the entire main pool with a new plaster “white coat,” the first new main pool coating in 12 seasons - long overdue!  

So it’s time to say goodbye! 

We Say Goodbye to “Pool Toe” - Yes! That’s right no need to buy pool shoes this year to protect your feet. The new surface will eliminate the cracks, potholes, uneven areas, and provide a coating that should keep your toes crack free. 

We Say Goodbye to “Dirty Water”- With a smoother surface we’ll be dealing with a lot less algae growth on the interior walls. Something that has kept our lifeguards busy cleaning, particularly on our west (forested) side of the pool. 

We’ve replaced 4 skimmers that were cracked, and fixed the concrete bases for each. The skimmers are those rectangular boxes in the pool walls that water flows into from the surface of the pool back through return lines to the filters and pump.

We Say Goodbye to Old, Tired and Dated Tile around the water’s edge, with chipped edges and missing tile pieces. All tiles will be replaced with a modern deep blue tile design to match the wading pool from its recent renovation. We will also get new tile markers for the swim racing lanes and finish targets, at the pool joints, at the bottom of the shallow area slide landing, and on the pool step entry on the south (clubhouse) end. This means no more potential cuts from old broken tiles!

We Say Goodbye to Old, Rough & Cracked “Coping” - The main pool is getting a new edge all around. The new smooth “coping” will be easier on our hands and our swimsuits as we climb into or out of the pool. Plus, the “coping” will include new modern tile markers with all the required depths and safety warnings permanently placed in tile insets.

We Say Goodbye to Old Falling Out Underwater Lights - We’ll now have all new modern, bright LED in-pool lights to brighten our special events and night swims. 

We Say Goodbye to our Old Portable Basketball Hoop - While certainly popular, moving this piece of equipment when required was always a challenge. We’re installing a brand new basketball hoop that fits directly in a brass fitting in the concrete deck for easy install/removal and real portability - and a much cleaner look. 

We Say Goodbye to Old Leaning Backstroke Poles and Droopy Flags - We’ve cut out the old brass post flag holders and have all new ones installed for a good fit.

We Say Goodbye to Potholes, Cracks & Puddles - We’re replacing the tired, cracked and potholed concrete deck in front of the clubhouse with over 2,000 square feet of new concrete.  No more miniature lake outside the men’s room door after heavy rains.  

A new slide slipped our mind… Are you and your kids dreaming of a modern, fun spiral-shaped slide with gradual steps leading up to it? So are we!  These slides use the circulated and chlorinated pool water to spray down for slippery sliding fun. To avoid tearing up our nice new concrete deck, we’ve pre-positioned a PVC water return line from the pump room, under the new deck to the area where a new slide would be installed, ready to bring the water for pool-sliding future fun.  This slide is a very expensive investment of around $35,000 so tell your friends and neighbors about Fox Hunt! Healthy membership growth can help fund this rather sooner than later…

We’ve also made some very important safety improvements. Read about them in our Pool Renovation - Safety First article.