Splash! Tent Fundraiser

As either a returning member to Fox Hunt or someone new to our community, we hope you have noticed some of the changes we are making this year to make the pool a better place for all of us to enjoy.  One of the things you may have you noticed are the beautiful, brand new FOX HUNT Splash! tents on display during Open House and Opening Weekend? 

The Board and Swim Team have heard from many of you, loud and clear, over the last few years our swimmers should have the protection from the sun (and sometimes the rain) worthy of the fun, pride and spirit our team brings to the pool every day.  Unfortunately, we did not have the budget for the tents this year and the Board decided in the end NOT to raise the rates for all Splash! swimmers to pay for them.  Instead, we took a leap of faith our community could raise the money through those who are able and willing to support our children, our team pride…OUR Splash! 

To demonstrate our pride, we purchased two new, heavy-duty 10x10 tents for the Splash! and one 10x15 tent for the scorers table.  As the swim meets begin, we hope you feel the pride in our swim team as well. 

We are not looking for any set donations and you can choose to donate anonymously*. You can give as little as $5 or as much as you want, but around $ 20 per family would help us meet our fundraising goal.