Badge & Bond Pick Up

If you have registered and paid and haven't picked up your ID cards,  please do so at the Guard office. Just a reminder, if Craig doesn't have pictures of your family,  he can't print your IDs. Also, we did not issue IDs for anyone under 5 years of age, so that may be why you are missing IDs from your envelope upon picking them up. If you are using a blue temp ID card to get into the pool,  please discontinue this practice and push to get the regular IDs with your name and picture. Temp IDs should be just that, temporary. If you just joined the pool and have a temp ID, that's understandable,  but you should not have it for more than 2 weeks,  maximum.

If you are having an issue with your ID scanning properly at the computer,  please let Craig know, or someone on the staff so we can get it taken care of timely. Also, when scanning your badges, please ensure each member of your family is displayed on the screen before proceeding with the next badge.

If you are a new Permanent member and did not receive your bond certificate, the Guard office has many of them waiting to be picked up. 

If you have any questions or are experiencing any issues with membership, contact Craig Mosford, email: or 703-455-4540 (phone not monitored all the time)