Swimmers ages 3 – 6 are invited to join our Mini Splash program, a developmental swim program.   Children should be comfortable in the water, willing to submerge their entire head for 5 seconds, and be able to swim 10 yards on their front and back. This summer we are asking families to register for a time by ability.  Since registrations begin before the pool opens, we know that groups might change as needed.  Mini-Splash practices will be held at the times noted below from June 26 through July 28.

Meets & More

Swimmers will have an opportunity to swim at our “B” Meets on Monday nights!  

At the 2 home meets, swimmer can swim across the shallow end, deep end, or 25 M freestyle!  

At the 2 away meets, we will work with the home team to develop opportunities for our Mini Splash swimmers.

As a part of the team, swimmers are invited to all social events, including pep rallies and the end of the year banquet.  A special Mini Splash team picture will be taken on picture day as well!

Mini-Splash Practice Times

9:15AM - 9:45AM: Shallow End Swimmers
This group will stay in the shallow end for practices and races.  They will focus on floating, kicking and basic front crawl.  As time permits, they will also work on back floats

9:45AM - 10:15AM: Shallow End moving to Deep End Swimmers
This group will spend approximately 2 weeks in the shallow end and move to the deep end for the last week 2 weeks (approximately).  They will focus on floating (front and back), kicking, freestyle, and breathing. Swimmers should be able to kick for 5 yards at the start of the season. 

10:15AM - 10:45AM: Deep End Swimmers
This group will warm up in the shallow end but swim primarily in the deep end.  Races will be deep end or 25M freestyle races.  They will focus on floating (front and back), kicking, freestyle, and breathing.  Practices will mirror the 8 and under practice but shorter (deep end is approx. 12M wide) and for a shorter length of time.

Rates & Registration

Registration this year will be online and fees are listed below.  Click on the "Register Now" button to go to the team site and register online.

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